GASKO rental - large selection of e-Bikes for rent

•    Reserve a large selection of e-Bikes and accessories online
•    Including crash course for beginners and senior cyclists
•    Test track close to the rental shop
•    Extensive consultation based on years of practical experience
•    You can also book tours of the Schlern region

Ergonomic advice: Sitting properly in the saddle is very important

•    Are the handlebars too far away or too low?
•    Do you feel as though you are always sliding backwards?
•    Have you still not found the right saddle?
•    Do you have problems getting on the bike?
•    Our consultation ensures you will have even more fun on your e-Bike.

GASKO offers all the accessories for the e-Bike

•    External batteries to continue the riding fun
•    Trailers and kids’ seats for the little ones
•    Bike helmets and shoes
•    Protectors
e-Bike models in our e-Bike rental shop